Room of Fulfilled Dreams

Association Room of Fulfilled Dreams from Latvia intends to give a chance for young people with limited access to education opportunities and young people facing long-term unemployment to engage in non-formal learning programs. We stand for initiative, independent thinking and daring to go for an adventure. The association also provides training to professionals who are working with young people and develops various creative learning approaches and tools.



A French non-governmental organisation that aims at promoting dialogue through visual and performing arts. To do so, we create multidisciplinary, intergenerational and multicultural workshops, residencies and trainings with artistic, pedagogical and social dimensions. The association fosters interaction between young creatives, youth workers, youth trainers, youth leaders, social workers, educators and researchers to develop artistic and pedagogical products and tools in Europe and beyond.


Teatro Invisibile

Teatro Invisibile was launched in 2007 by the encounter of a group of young people with backgrounds in the artistic and social fields, united by the desire to create training and artistic activities, to experience the potential for change and for personal and social development. The organisation has developed collaboration with local authorities, expanding the scope of its activities. The main themes of our projects are: creativity and innovation, communication and creative expression, prevention of gender violence and bullying, socio-cultural integration and non-formal learning methodologies.